Operation Red Sea

2022-08-02 12:46:00

Hong Kong, known as "Oriental Hollywood", has made brilliant achievements in the development of the film and television industry. I believe everyone can see it. It has not only emerged one classic after another, but also saved the audience from the film shortage. At the same time, it also highlights the soft power of Hong Kong culture. Then, among the endless Hong Kong Film and television works, what are the classic works of conscience that are worth seeing and even brushing. Today, I would like to recommend 10 classic high score Hong Kong films that I have recognized in my mind. Each of them has no urine spots in the whole process. How many have you seen? (regardless of order)

1. Infernal Affairs

Douban: 9.2

Starring: Andy Lau, Tony Leung

Film comments: the whole film is well completed. The plot is compact and exciting. The supporting actor's acting skills are all online. He likes the music in the play best. He feels that it matches the plot very well. He is also distracted by lighting up. He has worked hard on makeup, props and costumes. Even the official posters have special texture. The production of conscience must be highly praised by the audience. Although the work of many years ago, I still can't help praising it when I watch it again. Highly recommended!

2. Let bullets fly

Douban: 8.8

Starring: Jiang Wen, Zhou Runfa

Film comments: I have watched "let the bullets fly" several times over the years. Each time I watch it, I see a different version. Each time I watch it, I can understand different metaphors. This film is polished by Jiang Wen with a lot of thought, and contains a lot of content, such as ideological and political history and reflection. There are 1000 Hamlets in a thousand people. Maybe everyone can interpret what the director wants to express or thinks it is from this film... Actors are also famous. Jiang Wen, ge you, Zhou Runfa, Jiang Wu and Chen Kun all release strong expressiveness in it, Generally speaking, it is a landmark monument in Chinese films. I hope this type of film will appear more in the future!

3. Gunfire

Douban: 8.7

Starring: Wu Zhenyu, Ren Dahua

Film comments: gunfire tells the story of five unknown thugs who come together to protect the same brother, from confrontation to friendship, and finally protect each other in times of difficulty. It conveys to us that there will be iron and soft feelings and soft feelings under the inviolable Gang rules. Moreover, the lens of the film is very exquisite. Through the movement of the lens, upgrading and descending make the film viewing experience more natural and comfortable. In addition, whether it's the vivid three-dimensional characters, the relaxed rhythm of the film, or the wonderful trend of the story, I have endless memories of this film.

4. New Dragon Gate Inn

Douban: 8.6

Starring: Maggie Cheung, Lin Qingxia

Film comments: among the martial arts films I watch, "New Dragon Gate Inn" is actually the most classic one, which must be at the textbook level. In the Longmen Inn in the desert, everyone has their own ideas. From the open and covert fighting in the inn to the sword and sword shadow in the desert, the rhythm is compact, and my adrenal gland is soaring every moment. Especially in the last desert play, it was so cool there that I was curious about how it was taken. In addition, actors must blow a wave. Maggie Cheung's Jinxiangyu is too smart, full of rough words, but affectionate and meaningful. Finally, we must praise the villain Donnie Yen. The role of Donnie Yen before becoming the strongest in the universe is actually more attractive.

5. True colors of Heroes

Douban: 8.7

Starring: Chow Yun fat, Dilong

Film comments: a dramatic but very beautiful gunfight film. I believe there is no need for the author to say more about the classic of the film! There is no reason why Chow Yun fat can be enthralled. There are girls in the corridor. A few turn around and raise their hands to start the gun battle. There is also the leisurely walk when the money lights a cigarette. He limps to wipe the window and then returns to the underground parking lot to eat boxed lunch. In the face of his brother who has been away for three years, his mood changes. The face against the fire is half bright and half dark. Brother Ma has the most determined face in the world. Dillon is also very good. When Leslie Cheung was young, he was blessed with such a naive, natural and somewhat reckless role. The performance of the three people not only adds color to the film, but also makes the film interesting.

6. Operation Red Sea

Douban: 8.3

Starring: Zhang Yi, Huang Jingyu

Film comments: this film refreshes my understanding of domestic war films. It is very burning and touching. It is flesh and blood! Although the story is not strong, as long as 130 minutes, literary drama does not exceed 20 minutes, but the play is wonderful enough to once explode hormones. Moreover, as a war film, it has overfulfilled its task and reached a level never seen in domestic films in terms of authenticity restoration. The details are also very good, especially the last section of peeling sugar paper. This article, in addition to the strength of several actors, was also fans of Haiqing and jiangluxia's acting circle... In short, seeing the end, I felt that my whole person was burning.

7. King of comedy

Douban: 8.7

Starring: Stephen Chow, Cecilia Cheung

Film comments: Xingye's "king of comedy" is not only a comedy to amuse everyone, but also an inspirational masterpiece. The film focuses on the highlight moments of small people, one is a dragon suit, the other is a young lady, although she is humble, she still has a dream. Yin Tianqiu and Liu piaoyiao's heart is towards the jiuzhong cloud, but they are always pulled back to the ground by the gravity of reality, falling black and blue, but they still don't forget their original heart and childlike innocence, because "it will be beautiful after dawn". There is no chicken soup or routine in the whole movie, only reality and distraction. Ups and downs, joys and sorrows, is not only the king of comedy, but also a true portrayal of life.

8. Mekong action

Douban: 8.0

Starring: Zhang Hanyu, Peng Yuyan

Comments on the film: the film is adapted from the well-known "Mekong tragedy". It has the theme color. The film is also very textured, relaxed, and the action drama is from beginning to end. The rhythm is fast, compact and exciting. However, there is too much lighting, and there is insufficient literature and drama, which can only be supplemented by brain, but the overall completion is still OK. Zhang Hanyu's performance in the film is similar to that in "outwit Weihu mountain". Both are good commercial films. Peng Yuyan is also surprisingly brilliant. Of course, his favorite is howling dog. In short, this is a patriotic educational film. Although it has some problems, it is generally OK. I sincerely salute the anti drug police!

9. Ghost of a beautiful woman

Douban: 8.7

Starring: Leslie Cheung, Zuxian Wang

Film comments: this adaptation is the best version of Xiao Qian's story I have seen so far. The story is very good-looking. It is related to love, but it is not just love. You can see the troubled times and the complex human nature in the troubled times, but you can also see the people who still adhere to kindness and justice in the troubled times. The details of the film story are logically close, which is even more rare and precious in today's era when film and television works are easy to fall into a logical black hole. PS: Ning caichen, played by Leslie Cheung, and Nie Xiaoqian, played by Wang Zuxian, are really too classic. They are all magnificent

10. Crazy stone

Douban: 8.4

Starring: Guo Tao, Liu Hua

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Film comments: Although the film draws on some film expressions of British director Guy Ritchie's works "two big smoking guns" and "stealing, robbing and swindling", crazy stone still has Chinese characteristics. The film absorbs some elements of literary narration, perfectly combines film technology and literary narration, and has a unique artistic charm. In particular, the narrative technique of crossing multiple clues makes the relationships and different actions of several groups of characters in the film clearly present to the audience, and at the same time makes the relationships of each group of characters form contrast and echo, so as to make the plot more tense. PS: the most valuable thing is not to treat the audience as a fool

In addition to the above ten classic high-quality works, do you have anything else to recommend? The message office is waiting for you!



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